Sustainable, compostable and recyclable packaging solutions

New high performance packaging materials with low environmental impact 

Our technologies

Coating deposition is a key enabling technology to obtain eco-sustainable high performance materials for packaging applications. Our products portfolio includes:
  • oxygen barrier coatings
  • sealing coatings
  • anti-scratch coatings
  • active (e.g., antimicrobials) coatings
  • anti-fog coatings
  • coatings as a barrier against mineral oils
  • water-repellant coatings
  • friction-modifier coatings
- Our coating solutions are water-based systems to meet the current legislation in terms of VOCs emission. In some circumstances, systems can be formulated using organic solvents.
- Tailor-made solutions can be developed upon specific request of our customers.

- While our coating solutions are preferably deposited by rotogravure (both direct or reverse) systems for the best coating performance, conventional flexo and semi-flexo equipment can also be used. Spraying has also been tested successfully.

A  spin -off  of  the  University  of  Milan